Announcing Scotch Box v3.5 and Scotch Box Pro v1.5: The Big Switcheroo

TL;DR: Scotch Box Pro is now the free version. Scotch Box Pro is now even more decked out!

It has been 9 months without a Scotch Box update! I don't really see that as a bad thing though - I see it as an accomplishment. It's been working perfectly fine and stable for a ton of people without having to upgrade the box. We've helped an enormous amount of people learn Vagrant the easy way and perfect their local development environments.

To date, we have:

  • Well over 2MM downloads of Scotch Box
  • Helped close nearly 500 Vagrant related GitHub issues
  • Released 11 tutorials on Vagrant
  • Release 2 Video Courses nearing almost 3 hours of content on Vagrant

With that being said, let's dive into what's new with Scotch Box.

So what's new?

Excited to announce some new updates:

  • Major updates to the free version
  • Major updates to the pro version
  • Additional video screencast help (coming soon if not released yet)

The Big Switcheroo

We never intended to make a killing on Scotch Box, and I know it sucks that I created a free and paid version last time. Scotch Box's main purpose is to improve my own personal work-flow, and then just release it to everyone else as well. I want to make sure I keep updating both versions and appreciate any support we've gotten.

So here's what is new:

  • Scotch Box Pro is now FREE and moved to Scotch Box v3.5
  • Then Scotch Box Pro v1.0 has been upgraded

Scotch Box v3.5 Updates

Now included in the box is all the awesomeness of the first Pro version:

* Ubuntu 16.04
* PHP 7.0
* MySQL 5.7
* Go lang in the box
* PHPUnit in the box
* Yarn in the box
* Improved email catching automatically on with MailHog
* Customize your own boxes in minutes
* Generally higher versions of things (Node.js, Ruby, etc.)!
* PHPUnit
* MySQL 5.
* Node via NVM
* Extra Node packages (grunt, browserify, webpack)
* Ruby via RBM

All major features are now included in the free version. This should address all major issues and bugs related to Scotch Box (like PHP-XML not working or something else). The original pro version was near flawless.

Major Differences

HEADS UP: There's a couple differences between these versions so the initial upgrade might be a little different:

  1. Database connections are a little different (Update your DB client and check the docs)
  2. Vagrantfile is a little different (update your Vagrantfile via git clone and / or check the docs)
  3. Email catching is a little different (check the docs)

Scotch Box Pro v1.5 Updates

Now, the regular pro version has also been upgraded. If you have already have Pro this is just a normal upgrade for you. I appreciate your support!

You get a ton of new higher features:

  • NEW OS: Ubuntu-17.10!
  • NEW PHP: PHP 7.2!
  • NEW APACHE: 2.4.29
  • NEW NGINX: 1.13.8
  • NEW RUBY via RVM: 2.5.0
  • NEW NODE via NVM: 8.9.4
  • Fixes a MongoDB and PHP bug
  • Makes Laravel routing finally work out of the box with NGINX version
  • Adds Drush (Launcher) even though you should do this through Composer these days
  • Updated WP-CLI version
  • Generally WAY higher versions of everything else

Other Pro Features

As always, people with Pro get additional features included:

  • Access to the Scotch Box NGINX version
  • NGINX version gets all the new features too
  • Access to the Scotch Box Build Scripts
  • Instructions to customize your own boxes in minutes
  • Additional Pro documentation

Install Instructions (BACK EVERYTHING UP FIRST)

Make sure you back everything up first! Scotch Box uses Vagrant Box in a non-traditional way and each update is starting from scratch

Free Version

"I have never installed Scotch Box (free) before":

git clone my-project
cd my-project
vagrant up

"I have installed Scotch Box (free) before but have a new project":

git clone my-project
cd my-project
vagrant box update
vagrant up

"I have installed Scotch Box (free) before and have an existing project":

Back everything up! You've been warned.

# 1. Back everything up
# 2. Manually update your Vagrantfile to the one at

# Run
vagrant box update
vagrant up

# Re-import databases / backups. You're now on the latest version

Pro Version

Back everything up! You've been warned.

# 1. Back everything up
# 2. Manually update your Vagrantfile to the Pro Vagrantfile (found in the Scotch Box Pro password protected docs)

# Run
vagrant box update
vagrant up

# Re-import databases / backups. You're now on the latest version

Update Database Connections

The free version now uses the Pro version credentials which is almost the same. An example of an application connection would be:

$connection = mysqli_connect('localhost', 'root', 'root', 'scotchbox');

An example connecting to desktop client would be:

# MySQL Stuff
User: root
Password: root
Database: scotchbox

# SSH Stuff
SSH Host:
SSH User: vagrant
SSH Passowrd: vagrant
SSH Port: 2222

Debugging the Update

Whenever updating Vagrant and Scotch Box, sometimes weird things can happen.

SSH Known Host Conflict

If you can't SSH connect or get the database connection to work, try killing your SSH known_hosts:

rm ~/.ssh/known_hosts

Weird Auth Issues

If you can't authenticate, try adding this to the Vagrantfile

config.ssh.username = "vagrant"
config.ssh.password = "vagrant"

Final Straw

If everything fails:

  • Uninstall Vagrant
  • Uninstall Virtualbox
  • Make sure to delete all meta info (~/.vagrant.d)
  • Reboot your machine
  • Make sure and your ports aren't being used by anything else
  • Reinstall Vagrant and Virtualbox

If that fails, open a GitHub issue!