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20 Free HTML5 Templates to Make Your Site Exude Professionalism

20 Free HTML5 Templates to Make Your Site Exude Professionalism

Here is a collection of 20 free HTML5 templates specially designed for business and corporate websites. All of these themes feature a responsive design and a number of powerful features.

Need a website for a business or an online portfolio, but you don't want to pay thousands of dollars to a web developer for designing a brand new theme from scratch? Well, there is an easy way out. Here are a number of effective solutions to obtain a powerful website with a striking look for free.

We've gathered a collection of the 20 hottest free HTML5 templates. All of the templates that we offer here are fully responsive, so you don't have to worry about designing a separate version of your site especially for mobile devices.The content of the pages will automatically adjust to any screen resolution, no matter whether it is a desktop, smartphone, or a tablet.

Visual appeal is another great feature about these templates, as all of them are loaded with a bunch of cool effects, like parallax scrolling, animation, sliders, hover effects, etc.

Style and functionality are two core components of any theme offered here, so you can be sure that your business will work to its full potential. The next thing is the customization process. You are free to change any element of the site in any way you like, in such a way, you can give the page a personal touch to make it look striking and fresh.

You don't even need to hire a professional web developer to have all the adjustments done, you can change the logo, the name of the site and add photos and posts by yourself in no time.

So, browse this collection of free HTML5 templates and find the most appropriate one for you. All of them are sourced from the most trusted developers like:

There is no need to be concerned about their level of quality. However, before installing a new theme it is strongly recommended that you back up your existing site.

Free Responsive Design Agency Theme

This theme comes loaded with a clean layout, fixed megamenu, parallax scrolling, full-width slider and a number of other up to date features.

React LogoReact Logo
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This striking template features a simple but incredibly hot design with animated background and social icons. Can be used as a CV or one page site.

Free HTML5 One Page Template

If you are looking for a good online CV, pick this responsive one page theme that features a fixed menu, full-width slider, contact form, etc.

Phase Shift

This responsive HTML5 theme features a clean layout and minimal design. It is a perfect solution for business and informative websites.

Dwindle Free Website Template

This theme features a minimal design with responsive layout and hover effect. It is a perfect option for businesses and corporate websites.


This template is loaded with an assortment of custom effects including Parallax scrolling, lazy load, ghost buttons, etc. It can be used for architecture and construction companies.


Here is a responsive theme with a clean layout and minimal design. This would be a great option for online CVs and corporate websites.

Free HTML5 Template for Dance Studio

This pro-designed theme with a clean layout and minimal design will give your website a fresh new look.

Gravity Free Website Template

The theme features minimal design, full-width slider, mega menu and buttons with the hover effect.


This theme offers a clean layout, large hero area and ghost buttons with the hover effect.


Another great theme to use for an online portfolio or CV. It features a blurred background and a gallery with lightbox effect.


This template offers a clean, but creative design with a full-width image and hover effect. It will be a good fit for design or advertising agencies.


This premium theme can be used for corporate and business websites. It features a responsive design with a full-width image and ghost buttons.


This theme can be used for corporate or business websites. It features a menu with hover effect and full-width slider at the top that adds some style to the page.


The template features a minimal design with a full-width image and mega menu.


Thanks to a minimal and efficient design this theme can be used for business and education websites.


This template is best suited for small companies and agencies. It features parallax scrolling, ghost buttons and a simple contact form at the bottom.

Free Responsive Theme

Here is a theme to create a powerful online portfolio. It features a user-friendly interface with fixed menu, full-width image in the header section and a number of other cool effects.


This is a one page theme loaded with a number of features like animated background and minimal design.

Free Responsive Corporate Template

This particular template offers a clean layout with full-width slider, parallax scrolling, hover effect, etc.

So take your time and find the theme that best fits your website. With any of them you get pro functionality and a striking look for free.

PS. Don't forget to read the user's guide before installing the theme to avoid any problems.

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