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10 Blissful Bootstrap Tools And Templates For Quality JQuery Mobile Development

10 Blissful Bootstrap Tools And Templates For Quality JQuery Mobile Development

The significance of a remarkable mobile presence is augmenting consistently and thus, making mobile app development a burgeoning industry. Businesses are rapidly embracing mobile presence and certainly leveraging their business values.

Luckily, there is no dearth of effective and invaluable bootstraps, templates and tools that support jQuery Mobile. For the folks who are interested in proficiently developing a mobile website by implementing a jQuery Mobile framework, they can develop it in no time at all. And, here is how.

1. Graphite

Designed at the top of the jQuery Mobile, Graphite is an exquisite template that is available in the choice of eight colors. This minimalist theme pack is based on the default jQM swatches. With the included generator script, it allows one to develop a mobile website with a desirable base color and highlight color. You can create a desired template for your jQuery Mobile with this template.


2. jQuery Multi-page Template

If you are interested in designing multiple jQuery Mobile pages, this template offers an absolute result. The integrated multiple page container makes it an ultimate choice for designing a mobile solution with multiple pages.

jQuery Muti-page Template

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3. jQuery Mobile Builder

Efficiently develop a ravishing website to reach your mobile users. This proficient online tool is known for delivering agile web development results. The designers and developers can efficiently generate jQuery Mobile prototypes is an appropriate fashion. You can straight away share the outcome from this tool (or modify it a little) with your clients, as it offers a fully functional jQuery Mobile website. It is available under a regular license or extended license.

Easy jQuery Mobile Builder

4. jQuery Structured Filter

Forms and search fields are the most common elements of a web UI. If you want to incorporate an intuitive and legible form layout, the structured filter offers a great ease. You can proficiently create structured search or filter queries with this generic web UI, as it supports a large variety of themes and configurations.

jQuery Structured Filter

5. jQuery Mobile Site with Admin Panel

You can also handle your jQuery Mobile development on the go via your mobile device by implementing this blissful tool. Thus, whether you away from your workplace or want to manage your website development at your own convenience, you can accomplish the requisite task efficiently with this jQuery Mobile tool.

jQuery Mobile Website

6. jQuery Mobile Bootstrap

This is a fabulous jQuery Mobile theme that embraces the Bootstrap UI library. It beautifully overrides all the A to E swatches of jQuery Mobile and inserts a new F swatch into it. All these swatches possess captivating colors and styles that are available in Bootstrap. The A swatch is the primary swatch whereas B to F swatches are ideal for improving accents as and when desired.

7. Codiqa

The Codiqa is a powerful jQuery Mobile development tool that makes website designing and development a convenient task. You can efficiently develop cross-platform HTML5 mobile websites and apps with this prolific tool. It supports drag and drop feature, so that one can easily design and develop a requisite layout. With this tool, you can cost-effectively and time-efficiently develop a desired design. It is compliant with JavaScript, CSS and HTML5. The integrated massive library includes jQuery Mobile powered components, and you may choose to customize your own theme or import a theme of your choice. And since, a live preview is offered to visualize every change via its cloud based visual editor, it is quite useful. Moreover, it also supports certain resourceful services that can help enhance the functionality and deliver an astonishing product.


8. ThemeRoller for jQuery Mobile

Customization offers a great power to enhance the overall usability of a product in a desired fashion. The ThemeRoller is a remarkable jQuery Mobile tool that helps create custom themes for mobile websites or mobile apps. It offers a slew of colors, so you can pick an appropriate color for your site and download the theme and drop it into your website. This way, you can easily customize your website.

jQuery Mobile ThemeRoller

9. jQuery Mobile PHP

Creating HTML files is quite simple and efficient with jQuery Mobile PHP. It offers a package of PHP classes that helps develop requisite HTML files with the jQuery Mobile framework. It allows developers to convert the included PHP classes into string and print them via an “echo” function. This open source project is hosted by Google Code Project Hosting and delivers outstanding performance.

10. Jquery Mobile Flat UI Theme

The flat UI design is in vogue and helps attract viewers and keep them engaged with an intriguing and intuitive visual appeal. Indubitably, the design is simple, but can create an elegant and trendy look and feel. It features an uncluttered UI design with a subtle color palette and legible typography. Each UI element of a flat design demands a greater precision. If want to create a flat UI theme for your jQuery Mobile website, this theme offers a great choice.

Jquery Mobile Flat UI Theme

This list of top-notch bootstraps, templates, and tools are ideal for ensuring a remarkable mobile website. You can choose any that best cater to your business needs. However, it is advisable to streamline your choice by scrutinizing your project requirements and target audiences.

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