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About Scotch.io

Scotch.io is part of the DigitalOcean community. We’re committed to maintaining an inclusive environment that welcomes visitors and developers of all backgrounds and experience levels.

Marketers can connect with this curious and engaged tech audience through native advertising and sponsored content.

Scotch.io publishes easy-to-understand courses and tutorials on web design and development. Each month, a passionate audience of developers visit Scotch.io for best practices in programming and web/app design.


Scotch.io reaches millions of web developers every month.


Scotch.io posts articles four times per week to keep its readers engaged.

Past Sponsors

Pusher, Okta, and Auth0 reach tech audiences on Scotch.io.

Premium Sponsorship

Premium Site Sponsorship: $5,000/month

New for 2020! Site sponsors are carefully curated and limited to three sponsors each month. A minimum of a 3 month commitment is required.

  • Recognition and link on sponsors page with company description
  • Logo placement and link on Scotch.io homepage
  • Hosting of all images without any third-party tracking scripts
  • Sponsor logo each Community page footer of Scotch.io website with link
  • Tweet sponsor announcement to 53K followers

Sponsored Content

Sponsored Article: $2,000/month

Looking to create a sponsored article? Sponsored articles are tutorials/posts that live on the site forever.

  • Sponsored content gives you more room to introduce your product or brand to engage developers, with the added bonus of content living on Scotch.io forever.
  • Gain SEO traffic over time
  • Higher engagement

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