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Corporate Workers Being Partyholics

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Boozing is the new trend in the technology industry today. That is the way how employees and co-workers socialize or chill up. People with their colleagues go to the bars, pubs and discos to wash away their whole day's frustration. Any success coming to the company or even a salary hike received by any of the employees is now celebrated by opening up beers and tequila shots.

The parties are arranged, for the coworkers to sit and talk to have a break and socialize with each other. It has become a source of networking and socializing with the people you work with. So people who are not that comfortable with drinks are considered very down in most of the situations in those events.

It is a mindset of people today that if you don’t drink, you are an anti-socializing cow. I never understand how a person can become boring when he don't drink. Because of such judgments, people who usually don't like alcohol stay away from visiting such functions. I personally believe that arranging social activities and taking part in them, make us more comprehensive to people.

Before launching any product, meetings are almost held in the pubs casually and of course, that is the most casual and free place one could have. This is a good way of professional meet ups in today’s society. But it would have been better if non-alcoholics feel the same way the alcoholics do. Those people who are not one of those guys, find it uncomfortable to attend those casual meetings because they are never ever equally judged.

A guy with a tough degree of education in technology after going through several big, tough and important Microstrategy training courses held online as well as offline gets placed in the technology industry. But when the guy is being judged as a boring personality only because he is not comfortable towards drinking alcohol is really unfair. In the same way, judging another guy as insincere, only because he is a party freak is absolutely disgusting.

Getting together and socializing with the people you work with is no big deal. But having a limit in everything is the most exact thing one should have. Extreme in anything is not appreciable. Harassment and sexual assault are common results of heavy alcohol. So preventing it by limiting the beer tanks in the tech parties is a must and immediate step to be taken.

I think measures has to be taken care of in the tech meetings so that the non-drinkers find those get together as exciting as the drinkers find.

If the amount of alcohol and other soft drinks become equal, of course, parties will be too balanced. Showing a showcase of a large number of soft drinks and juices with alcohols would bring a line of equality between the two.

Cocktails, as well as mocktails, must be equally served. The advertisement of different non-alcoholic drinks before the conference or the get together would excite those non-drinkers too. A version of non-alcoholic drink with each of the alcoholic one will be such a welcoming idea.

Although these ideas won’t make any kind of difference in the deal,s but it will, of course, make people enjoy the event much more than anything.

Get together in pubs and attending parties will always be a non-breakable tradition in our technological industry. Meeting people,having a drink together or even not having a drink can never define anyone's personality. If you feel like doing it, there is nothing wrong in that. We become more inclusive if we try to blend with different types of people and accepting their differences.