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Today we are launching the new, redesigned It’s been a long journey since we first surveyed our loyal readers about possible new features. You enthusiastically and generously responded with all of the ways you love - and don’t love - the site. We’ve since taken that feedback and redesigned the site with numerous improvements.

Our goal was to make a better experience for our readers:

easier to navigate

responsive to mobile devices

faster to load and page through

easier to filter for the content you want, by most popular, most comments, etc.

easier to read with a clean, clutter-free design.

You’ll also find many new features including threaded comments, the ability to filter content by keyword tags, and see related content. New personalized profiles also allow registered users to save articles for later viewing, follow comment threads, create and manage blog posts, and see a history of all of their contributions to the site.

In the time that it’s taken to launch the new site the use of open source software has grown and evolved considerably. Open source has become the new norm for software development. What started with Linux, the largest and most successful collaborative project in the history of computing, has now expanded to include technologies all the way up the stack.

The Linux Foundation, which brings us, has become the place where a lot of open source development across industries is taking place. It aims to establish, build, and sustain the greatest shared technology resources of our time and support them for generations to come. Projects like Cloud Foundry, Cloud Native Computing Foundation, Core Infrastructure Initiative, Hyperledger, OpenDaylight, the Open Container Initiative, and many others, now have a home at The Linux Foundation. for more read you can visit here Animated Video Cost