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7 Things to Do With a USB Pen Drive

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The USB flash drive has been around for quite some time now and it has obliterated many a CD and cumbersome floppy disk. The pen drive that turned the tide in the data storage industry has evolved ever since its launch and has managed to become an electronic gadget that can serve way more than one data storage requirement of the modern user. Here are some cool things you can do with your pen drive:

1.Transferring files This is perhaps the most common reason why people use pen drives. You can connect the pen drive to the source computer and transfer the data to be shared onto the device. This pen drive device can, then, simply be connected to the target computer to gain access to the data.

2.Taking Backup of Information Your computer is bound to store critical information which you cannot afford to lose to a system failure or fault of some sort or the other at any cost! You can easily use a pen drive to take a backup of the information that is invaluable to you.

3.Using the Drive as a Make-Shift RAM in Vista If you are a Windows Vista user, then Microsoft’s technology ReadyBoost allows you to use your flash drive as a makeshift RAM. This technology provides you with a quick random access memory option for you to be able to easily expedite your jobs.

4.Maintaining & Troubleshooting Computers A simple flash drive can host a large number of applications that help troubleshoot and repair a crashed computer. For instance, you can load your pen drive with Kaspersky’s virus removal tool or use CCleaner to remove temporary files or clean registry.

5.Running Alternate Operating Systems You can use your pen drive to try out alternate operating systems such as Puppy Linux, Damn Small Linux and Xubuntu on the go. These Linux versions are completely light enough to run without your having to resort to the use of any additional hardware. Also, even upon running these special versions of Linux on your original Windows OS, you do not, in any manner, run the risk of hindering with the Windows OS at any cost.

6.Running Media Player You can run an entire media player out of your USB flash drive. You can run the preconfigured version installed in your pen drive on any machine and get a full on demo for yourself!

7.Working Securely on a Remote Computer & Locking the PC There is many a software that allows you to work on an unknown computer without your having to compromise on the integrity of confidential data. It has tools that check for the presence of viruses, allow you to browse anonymously and even send anonymous emails. You can use your pen drive to restrict the access to your personal computer. You can do so, by installing software such as USB Raptor and Predator on the pen drive. The feature allows you to completely lock out your laptop until the pen drive is inserted into its socket.

The seven things mentioned above can definitely help you do a lot more than just use your pen drive or memory stick for storing data. In case you are looking to buy a new pen drive altogether for your various data storage requirements, you would be better off with one by IB Roll, Kingston, Sandisk or Verbatim. Beware of the incredulously cheap pen drives sold by street vendors; they are refurbished and even run the risk of burning down your entire system altogether!

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