The 10 Best Sublime Text 3 Themes of 2017

The 10 Best Sublime Text 3 Themes of 2017

Sublime Text is one of the most popular and most used code editors of all times. It comes with many features that make coding really cool. An evaluation version can be downloaded from here

Sublime Text offers developers so many tools to help with productivity and workflow, making writing codes very effortless. It also let's us develop in style with theme packages. Here at Scotch, we have gone in depth about why Sublime Text is great with few topics like:

Installing Themes

To install themes, just use package control. So the process would be:

  1. ctrl + shift + p or cmd + shift + p
  2. Look for Package Control: Install Package
  3. Search for the theme and hit enter
  4. Set the theme in Preferences -> Settings – User by editing the json property calledtheme
    "theme": "Lanzhou.sublime-theme"

We'll be providing the install name for each theme here. Let's get started!

Remember that a theme is not the same as a color scheme. While installing many of these themes will bring in new color schemes into Sublime, they will not automatically be applied. They must be set in Preferences -> Color Scheme.

## Predawn * Predawn is dark interface and syntax theme for Sublime Text. * Predawn is one of the best & beautiful theme for sublime text 3.

See Predawn on Package Control Website

  // Predawn
  "theme": "predawn.sublime-theme"

## Boxy * Boxy contains customizable interface and themes that comes in light and dark shades. * Features five high quality themes and complimentary color schemes. * Large variety of options to tune every visual aspect of your editor. * Still the most hackable theme of sublime text ever.

See Boxy on Package Control

  // Boxy
  "theme": "Boxy Monokai.sublime-theme"
  "color_scheme": "Packages/Boxy Theme/schemes/Boxy Monokai.tmTheme",

Boxy Five high Quality Themes Are:

  1. Boxy Monokai (Predawn)
  2. Boxy Solarized Dark (Code)
  3. Boxy Yesterday (Atom)
  4. Boxy Solarized Light (Iowa)
  5. Boxy Nova (Minimal) ## Ayu
  6. Simple and well thought out theme.
  7. Gives a very comforting ambiance.
  8. Dark and light for working all day comfortably.

See Ayu on Package Control

  // Ayu
  "theme": "ayu-light.sublime-theme"
  "color_scheme": "Packages/ayu/ayu-light.tmTheme",

Ayu Three high Quality Themes Are:

  1. Ayu Light
  2. Ayu Mirage
  3. Ayu Dark ## Agila
  4. Agila is a colorful and popular theme with a lot of cool features.
  5. Well spaced folders in the file tree for readability.
  6. Agila Oceanic has a similar feel to the popular Spacegray theme.

See Agila on Package Control

  // Agila
  "theme": "Agila.sublime-theme"
  "color_scheme": "Packages/Agila Theme/Agila Oceanic Next.tmTheme",

Agila comes with over seven high-quality themes including:

  1. Agila Origin Theme.

  2. Agila Monokai Theme.

  3. Agila Cobalt Theme.

  4. Agila Oceanic Theme.

  5. Agila Light Theme.

  6. Agila Neon Theme.

  7. Agila Classic Theme.

    ## Material
  8. The matarial theme is well designed and documented.

  9. It comes with lots of options for customization.

  10. Also includes lots of color scheme options to use on your editor.

See Material Theme on Package Control

  // Material
  "theme": "Material-Theme.sublime-theme"
  "color_scheme": "Packages/Material Theme/schemes/Material-Theme.tmTheme",

Material Theme has the following plugins available:

  • Appbar Plugin

  • white Panels and Inputs

    ## Materialize
  • An ellegant theme built based on the Material theme.

  • Very popular, having a high number of installs.

  • About one-sixth of the volume of material theme installs.

See Materialize on Package Control

  // Materialize
  "theme": "Materialize-Theme.sublime-theme"

## Seti_UI , the , and the . * Well organised Atom-like theme. * Provides very cool side bar icons. * Less style hassles.

See Seti_UI on Package Control

  // Seti_UI
  "theme": "Seti_UI-Theme.sublime-theme"

Set_ui also supports beautiful blue/yellow highlighted text in the:

  • Go-to Window.

  • Completion Pop-up.

  • And Command Palette.

    ## Spacegray
  • Spacegray themes feature Base16 color schemes.

  • Minimal and simple look.

  • Settings are available for font, tab and sidebar tweaks.

See Spacegray on Package Control

  // Spacegray
  "theme": "Spacegray light.sublime-theme"

Spacegray comes in three high-quality themes including:

  1. Spacegray.
  2. Spacegray Light.
  3. Spacegray Eighties.


  • A simple and minimal dark theme for Sublime Text.
  • Afterglow is reported to be based on Spacegray.
  • It supports different tab heights, color options, sidebar icons and markdown syntax.

See Afterglow on Pckage Control

  // Afterglow
  "theme": "afterglow.sublime-theme"


  • Very crisp and easy to read.
  • One of the highest growing sublime text themes of 2017.
  • Soda comes in both light and dark variations.
  • It is designed to take advantage of high-dpi displays and sports alternate tab styles.

See Soda on Package Control

  // Soda
  "theme": "soda.sublime-theme"

Tips for Choosing a Theme

  • Everyone's eyes see color differently, find a theme that creates a good contrast between the background and the text for you.
  • When your eyes get tired or it's a late night while your working consider a program like Flux.
  • Try out Colorsublime, it lets you change your current color scheme instantly from within Sublime Text.


This list was made possible by a collection of surveys and designers opinions on forums, blogs, most-searched and most-talked-about themes, relevance and popularity ratings at package control and number of installs. My favorite themes are soda and predawn.

You can go ahead and comment below with yours...

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  1. Installing themes
  2. Predawn
  3. Boxy
  4. Ayu
  5. Agila
  6. Material
  7. Materialize
  8. Seti_UI
  9. Spacegray
  10. Afterglow
  11. Soda
  12. Tips for choosing a theme
  13. Conclusion