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Adding Domain Registered On GoDaddy to Heroku App

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// Domain name registered with godaddy

Follow the following very simple steps-

// On godaddy, go to My Domains --> Manage DNS

1. Create a CNAME with
Alias Name: www
Host Name:

2. In the command line type, ping It should ping to If it does, you are good to go!

3. In the command line run, heroku domains:add 
   If that fails run heroku domains:add --app yourherokuapp 

4. Now run, heroku domains:add

5. Now you have successfully set up your domain.

//Creating a Naked Domain
//A naked domain removes the need to write www in front of your domain name. This can be done by forwarding to
//In the same window as above, Under forwarding box

1. 'Forward to' should be (your domain)

2. 'Redirect type' should be '301 (Permanent)'

3. 'Forward settings' should be 'Forward only'

4. Make sure "Update my nameservers and DNS settings to support this change. (Recommended)" is checked.

5. Wait for some time!

Cheers you have successfully done it :)