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How continuous integration & continuous delivery are transforming the software development?

Pavan Belagatti

The traditional ways of SDLC models are getting older day by day & the software industry is changing every day in its way of doing things. Many companies want to be ahead with the future and want to be innovative and produce results as soon as possible. The concept of DevOps has evolved with lot of scope in software development nowadays. Everybody wants some or the other automated systems to do the job to reduce the cost, time & effort. Software organizations around the world are investing themselves to adopt for CI & CD.

Basically Continuous Integration is the practice of running your tests on a non-developer machine automatically everytime someone pushes new code into the source repository & Continuous Delivery is building software in such a way that the software can be released to production at any time. Integration of these two can make a huge impact & every software company has started adopting this model of CI & CD. Below are some of the advantages of using CI & CD model,

These are the companies involved in software innovation through CI & CD.

Code Ship ( Shippable ( CloudBees ( Travis CI ( Circle CI (

How it helps by adopting CI & CD model?

You can automate repetitive tasks and focus on testing

You can make deployments friction-less without compromising security

You can eliminate DIY for CD and focus on product

You can integrate teams and processes with a unified CI/CD platform

Foster the software delivery

How continuous delivery is done on Shippable?

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