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Detailed Beginner’s Guide On WooCommerce Plugin Development

Jane Reyes

Prior to 1990’s networking was all about putting on the perfect business attire, driving to pre-determined location on time, hand out the business cards and hoping for people to call back. Those were the days when building a relationship required small talks, eye contact, shoving face-to-face interactions and so more. While in the current digital scenario, websites have taken the center stage and become a successful way for entrepreneurs to gain a quick exposure. There are no longer pre-determined locations or shoving personal meets. Search engines like Google have changed the world of networking simply by connecting potential customers to potential business owners 24x7.

Top CMS Platforms

For many businesses, their website is the face of the company. Hence, one needs to understand a technical comparison between the top three CMS platforms, i.e. WordPress, Joomla & Drupal. Choosing the right content management system makes it a lot easier for people with no web design experience to make minor changes to the website such as adding blog posts, uploading new images or making small edits to key pages and the list goes on.

The following post offers a comparative analysis of three CMS platforms heading for No.1, i.e. Wordpress, Joomla, and Drupal. Now, a good CMS is flexible in terms of use, SEO friendly conforms to the latest web accessibility and international standards, and offers an excellent return on your investment. And as a result, each platform provides great features, tons of customization, ease-of –use and strong security. It may quite interest you to know that WordPress powers around 26.4% of all websites on the World Wide Web and out of the three major CMS players, it has a 58.4% of the market share.

Quick Overview

  • Wordpress- The Best choice for beginners because of its ease of use. The platform works well for small to medium sized websites, blogs, and smaller e-commerce stores.
  • Joomla- Joomla is great for e-commerce or social networking websites. Moreover, the CMS demands a basic understanding of technical skills.
  • Drupal- The most difficult yet most powerful CMS platform requires a familiar understanding of HTML, CSS, and PHP.

Wordpress Development

Despite its humble blogging beginnings, today WordPress is considered as one of the most popular content management system. The platform has taken the world by storm powering over 60 million websites today.

Its advantages

  • Easy to install- A prominent WordPress development company or web hosting firm will always end up offering an instant automated installs. It takes longer to go brew a cup of coffee than it does to have a WordPress based website online. Which means you get a brand new website up-and-running in less than five minutes!
  • Customizable- In comparison to Joomla and Drupal, wordpress has significantly more plugins, themes available. And due to its widespread popularity, more third-party designers and developers can create a website for free.
  • Open source- Wordpress with no strings attached is free to use platform. With tons of free plugin/themes, it gets easy for most amateur WordPress developers to create an eye catching website.

Of course, wordpress isn’t perfect and has drawbacks like, it locks down the ability for most users to make significant visual edits. However, for a beginner, it is probably the most suitable platform to build a site.

Drupal Development

Drupal is the third most popular CMS available today, used by both large and small sites. It is considered among the most powerful open sourced options available which mean its learning curve is a bit steeper.

Its advantages

  • Technically advanced- Drupal is the most technically advanced content management systems available in the market. The system is good for technical people especially those who like to get their hands dirty.
  • Improved performance- Drupal pages typically load more quickly and allows a Drupal developer to provide a faster response time than those made with WordPress or Joomla. However, adding too many third party plugins can bog down performance.
  • Customizable- Drupal is great in terms of customization. The platform available with a WordPress range of plugins, themes, and other configurable options allows a professional to edit the root files directly. Besides, it is even considered to be perfect for those who need to make more significant changes.

Speaking about its drawbacks, a Drupal development company requires to hire professionals with at least a basic knowledge of HTML, PHP and other common web programming languages. Well, one does not need to be an expert but being able to identify code problems, troubleshoot error messages can offer huge benefit.

Joomla Development

Another most popular CMS, Joomla is capable enough to run most websites without any problems. Perhaps, it doesn’t require the same level of technical experience as that in Drupal Development.

Its advantages

  • Social networking- Joomla makes creating social networks of all three options. Today, social network can be the most powerful asset for many business websites. With Joomla, you can have one up and running extremely quickly and easily.
  • Commerce Sites- Joomla also makes setting up an online store quick and painless. Although e-commerce shops can be created using WordPress or Drupal but it requires more effort and customization.
  • Flexible portal- Joomla offers a great help portal for asking questions and getting technical support. Although, it is not fast or extensive as WordPress community-based support pages but it definitely quicker than Drupal’s technical support options.

Overall, all three are excellent choices in most cases. But what makes the difference is the current scenario.

  • Scenario #1 Looking to get started quickly with a simple business website or blog? Look no further than WordPress.
  • Scenario #2 Split between those two options, or need something unique like a social network or eCommerce site, Joomla development is worth considering.
  • Scenario #3 if you have high hopes from day one that your site will grow significantly, opt for drupal development.

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