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Microsoft Dynamics Vs Microsoft SharePoint – Choose The Best One

Jacob Selvestar

Let’s first clear a misconception about Dynamics and Sharepoint to first time users. Microsoft Dynamics CRM offers significant benefits that isn’t available with Sharepoint. Likewise, Sharepoint has capabilities that is not available with MS Dynamics.

MS Dynamics CRM and MS Sharepoint are two powerful enterprise level application built by Microsoft.

Below are the functionality of each.

Microsoft Dynamics:

Microsoft Dynamics is basically used with CRM and ERP software. There are 4 ERP application suites/ software such as CRM, NAV, AX, GP and SL. Microsoft Dynamics is part of Microsoft Business Solutions. Microsoft Dynamics can be used with other programs from Microsoft, such as SharePoint, Office 365, Yammer, MS Outlook and Azure. Microsoft Dynamics focus industries are manufacturing, service, retail, finance, and the public sector.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM has limitations in supporting constant provisioning of separate “sites” like Microsoft Sharepoint. It simply relies on Sharepoint to manage unstructured data.

Microsoft Dynamics is strongly managing business processes that are more structured and data gathering associated with it. Sales team can easily track and manage.

Microsoft SharePoint:

Microsoft Sharepoint is a platform or you can say web application framework which can be integrated with content management systems (CMS), intranet, and document management systems. Main feature of Microsoft Sharepoint is work allocation and updates from team. It allows information pass thru team, quickly assign them a task, document sharing and other necessary data in real time to make their job easier. simultaneously it also reduces redundancy in data management and allocation, etc.

Sharepoint is mainly suitable if you are dealing with unstructured data while MS Dynamics is used if you are managing structured data at your end. Managing structured data with complex relationships you need to write custom code while it is quite easy and quick writing custom application code in Sharepoint. Often, Microsoft Sharepoint can be used for workflow management, document management, social networks, enterprise search, business intelligence and automation systems.

Comparison between Microsoft Dynamics and Sharepoint by functionality

Strengh of Microsoft Dynamics

  • Web Content Management
  • Versioning and Document Management
  • Collaboration and Social Engagement
  • Knowledge Management and Non-Structured Information
  • Business Intelligence
  • Excel Services

Strengh of Microsoft Sharepoint

  • Sales, Marketing and Customer Service areas out-of-box world class solution
  • Any relationship management-CRM (Partners, employees, stakeholders, Patients, Whoever you need to profile and track emails, communications, activities, etc.)
  • User interface fully integrated within outlook.
  • Platform for building business applications on top of relational databases (entities, relations, forms, views, charts, reports, workflows, security, etc.)
  • Reporting over relational data (Reports, views, charts, dashboards)

Scenario of Microsoft Dynamics

  • Web Portals with Dynamic Contents (intranet and extranets)
  • Collaboration, Team sites
  • Social Sites
  • Document Oriented Workflows
  • Information Right Management
  • KPIs Visualization

Scenario of Microsoft Sharepoint

  • Clients profiling (partners, employees, etc.)
  • Sales Force Automation
  • Marketing Campaign Management
  • Customer Service [case management]
  • As CRM Platform, customizable business solutions for different verticals (health, finance, insurance, non-profit, education, etc.)

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Jacob Selvestar

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Jacob Selvestar has 8+ years of experience in using Microsoft Product suites and he is currently working as Microsoft Dynamics CRM consultant. He has expertise in CRM, Sharepoint development, .NET development etc.