Exude Right Emotions with Colours in Web Design: An Introduction to Colour Theory for Web Designers

Exude Right Emotions with Colours in Web Design: An Introduction to Colour Theory for Web Designers

Picking the right colours for your website is a crucial task. Colour theory is the study of different colours, the emotions they represent and the results of interactions between different colours. A basic knowledge of colour theory will help you design your website better. Since your website is an online representation of your business, you have to pick the right set of colours to represent your business. It is a good idea to go with around 2-3 colours to prevent your website from looking messy or cluttered. Firstly, let’s talk about colour schemes. Triadic colour scheme It makes use of three colours from three separate ends of the spectrum to produce a striking contrast (eg. purple, lime and orange). This has a stunning effect but needs some care to ensure that it looks classy and beautiful. Compound Color Scheme In this scheme two colors are chosen from opposite ends of the color spectrum like (eg, purple and marigold). It has to be used very carefully to ensure that it does not look gaudy. Analogous This color scheme carefully selects colors in the same area of the spectrum (eg. yellow and orange). The colors are distinguished by different levels of vibrancy and contrast. This gives a sophisticated look but one has to exercise caution to ensure that they don’t end up looking similar. Even though colours play a good, one cannot ignore the power of a good printer and cartridges in contributing towards a brand face and ideology. A quality printed flyer will help to attract more customers, and a professional printing company can advise on every aspect of the flyers, including design, type face, illustrations, color of type, type of paper best used, and even the colour of the paper. Once such company that supplies lasers and ink printer cartridges is Toner Ink, which has a whole lot of leading brands in their online store - from HP and Epson to Brother and Samsung, and a whole lot more. The vibrancy of the colours is used also determine the mood of the website and, consequently, the image of the business. There are also a number of online tools available which aid you in picking the right colours by allowing you to test various combinations and shades.

Picking the right colours Your website colours accentuate your company image. Opting for the wrong set of colours is like putting the wrong toner ink and expecting right results. Therefore, it is important to know what each colour represents before you take the plunge.

Red Red stands for boldness, urgency, danger, passion, love and lust. It incites strong emotions and hence, is often used in the food industry to stimulate hunger.

Blue Blue represents stability and calmness, trust and security. Hence it is often used in finance, health, technology, baby products etc related brands.

Green Green symbolises health, wealth, tranquility and nature. It is used for brands associated with organics, nature, food etc. It is also used for camouflage and therefore, is a popular choice of army and army related industries.

Yellow Yellow is a vibrant colour representing youthfulness and optimism. It brightens up anything but also puts a bit of strain on the eyes and hence has to be used sparingly.

Orange Orange represents enthusiasm, friendliness and creativity. It instigates people to take action. And promotes impulse expenses. Hence it is often used in food industry and shopping websites.

Pink Pink is a sweet delicate colour representing feminine energy, romance and innocence. Although pink was initially associated with boys as it was considered a strong colour, but with times, it has evolved and become a stronger colour which exudes feminine energy.

Purple Purple is the colour of royalty, success, wisdom and wealth. When used in the correct shade, with the right colours it can both excite as well as soothe. It gives a customer the feeling of being treated royally. Hence, it is used in airlines, massage chains, luxury cruises, hotels etc.

Black Black represents power, sophistication, wealth and elegance. On the other hand it also the colour of rebellion. It is used for luxury brands, high fashion, luxury cars, expensive watches etc. It exudes professionalism, precision, boldness and strength.

Grey Grey is a neutral colour which is simplistic and elegant. It invokes a sense of sophistication, technology and the future. Hence, it is often chosen by brands related to technology, automobiles as well as cutting edge health technology. It is also represented abundantly in sci fi movies.

Now that you know what every colour stands for, it is time to choose wisely!