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Deep Dive into GraphQL Mutations

This is a continuation on the series i’ve been doing on GraphQL Actions. In the last post on this series we worked on a Deep Dive into Queries. This time, we will take a closer look at Mutations. There’s a lot of similar...

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Use Vue.js Data Binding Options for Reactive Applications

Vue.js is known as a "progressive framework for building user interfaces". There's a lot to unpack in this simple statement. It's easy to get started with Vue.js, with a minimal feature set, and then layer in more of the framework as you need it. Unike React, it has full support for the MV...

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Why I'm Switching to YouTube from Twitch for Live-Coding

A few months ago, I started live-coding and streaming on Twitch. It was an experiment to get closer to the community and give back to let people see my coding/writing/editing process. I wanted to show off all the things I do when building ...

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Detect Responsive Screen Sizes in Angular

Most of the time, we use CSS media queries to handle responsive, screen size changes to layout our content differently. However, there are times where CSS media queries alone isn't sufficient for that. We need to handle the responsiveness in our code. In this article, I would like to share...

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Building a UI Component with React and Storybook

In the previous article, I gave an Introduction to Storybook and how it can be used to organize and build JavaScript components. Storybook is a UI library that can be used to document compo...

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Easily Deploy a Serverless Node App with ZEIT Now

I wanted to deploy a simple demo node app the other day using Now, and I got into a lot of difficulties and gotchas, with little help from the official docs. If you are in my shoes, this is for you, otherwise, read on to find out how to deploy a node app easily u...

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Build a To-Do application Using Django and React

Web development has grown rapidly over the last decade, and there's a long list of frameworks to choose from when building your projects. A developer’s decision on what framework(s) to use for a project is usually influenced by a number of specific factors; one of which is the complexity of th...

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Closures and Currying in JavaScript

What are Closures? If you write code in JavaScript it's quite likely you have come across the term closure, which is a useful yet often confusing concept. But just what is a closure? A closure may be described as a combination of a function and the lexic...

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Deploying an Angular App to Netlify

Netlify is one of the best places to deploy an application or a website today. There is no need to manage a server, NGINX, certificates, or scaling due to high traffic. While it is first thought of as a place to deploy your JAMstack site, it can also be used...

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An Introduction To Storybook: Organize How You Build JS Components

What is Storybook? Storybook is an open source tool for developing UI components in isolation and it integrates pretty well with most front end frameworks including React, Vue, and Angular and a host of other frameworks. It makes building stunning ...

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Create a Custom useFetch() React Hook

A custom hook is a JavaScript function with a unique naming convention that requires - the function name to start with use and the function may call other Hooks The whole idea behind custom hooks is just so that we can extract component logic into ...

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macOS Catalina Will Replace Bash with zsh

Apple's #WWDC2019 (Worldwide Developers Conference) was yesterday and came with some really cool things for developers. WWDC is always an interesting event where Apple introduces the tools for developers to make greater and greater apps and...

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React Async for Declarative Data Fetching

Generally, there are two ways of writing code: Imperatively/Declaratively and two ways of fetching Data: Synchronously/Asynchronously. We are more convenient with making requests imperatively using fetch or libraries like axios. With async-await, we get an opportunity to move ...

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Open-Source IP Geo-location API

Geo-location is the identification or estimation of the real-world geographic location of an Internet-connected computer terminal or device. Basically, we can get location data from their IP address. Geo-location offers a lot of advantages and increase level of customization to a we...

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Build a Beautiful Landing Page with Tailwind CSS v1

Cascading Style Sheet(CSS) is used for creating aesthetically good looking websites. CSS are styling rules that are applied to a web page to make it look beautiful. Whenever a web page is being displayed, the browser renders the webpage alongside with the defined CSS rules. Note: ...

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